How to use forms


Most of the forms in this website are available in PDF format. You can open and type in the forms on computer with the free Adobe Reader X for Windows or Preview for  Mac. Here is how to do it.



Open form in Adobe Reader X. Click “Sign” on the top right menu bar of Adobe Reader window. A new vertical banner will appear on the right side on the current window.

click "sign"

Click “Add Text” on the top vertical pannel. You can now click anywhere on the document to type.

A new floating window will appear to let you choose font and size of inputed texts.

editing window

Remember to save the document after making changes.



Open form in Preview. Click the pencil icon to show the annotations toolbar.

Click and select “text” option on the annotations toolbar. The mouse cursor will change to the cross shape. You can now click anywhere on the document to add texts.

Click “A” on the far right of annotations toolbar to display the Fonts window.


After completing the form, select “Export” under “File” on Preview main menu bar.

Choose to “PDF” format, which will clock down all the inputed texts and avoid unwanted changes to the document.


For questions about our electronic forms or the software, contact us at