Intercountry Adoption US Department of State

May 8, 2017

Many countries require adoptive parents to provide information regarding the progress and welfare of children after they join their new families through submission of post-adoption reports.

The specific requirements vary from country to country and are sometimes quite detailed and may extend until adopted children turn 18 (or even older in a few rare cases).

The Department of State encourages prospective adoptive parents to be aware of these obligations at the outset of their adoption process, and in consultation with their adoption service provider, consider their willingness to comply with post-adoption reporting requirements prior to identifying the country from which they wish to pursue adoption.

Post-adoption reports provide assurance to the authorities of the child’s country of origin that children who are placed with permanent families in the United States are receiving appropriate care and protection.

Missing or delinquent post-adoption reports can negatively impact adoption service providers seeking authorization in affected countries, as well as U.S. citizen parents seeking to adopt in the future.

The consequences of failure to comply with post-adoption reporting requirements are significant, particularly for thousands of children in need of permanency who would be adversely impacted if intercountry adoption programs are suspended or closed.

U.S. regulations require Adoption Service Providers to include the country of origin’s post-adoption reporting requirements in the contract with the prospective adoptive parents and make good faith efforts to encourage them to submit such reports.

While the Department will make efforts to keep the information on this page updated, we cannot guarantee its accuracy, as countries do change their policies. Prospective adoptive parents can obtain further information from a country’s adoption authority, their adoption service provider, or the “After Adoption” section of each country information sheet on To see the post-adoption requirements for all countries, please click here.

Source: U.S. Department of State – Intercountry Adoption.


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