It’s January of 2012, and we did not receive any new notices from CARA in regards to a potential delay. Thus, we believe that the office is now ready to accept new applications from foreign countries for international adoptions. Faith International and other American agencies are very excited to resume our India program and start sending families’ files to the country.

Under the new system, an AFAA must first submit a copy of the homestudy report of PAP to CARA for initial review. CARA will determine if the PAP meet all requirements of the country. If the case is clear, CARA will start searching through their database to find the suitable child based upon the PAP’s request stated in the homestudy. CARA will then notice the RIPA where the child is residing about the potential matching. After reviewing the homestudy, the RIPA will respond to CARA to confirm whether or not they will accept the match and refer the child to that PAP. PAP will be noticed if RIPA agree to refer the child to them. After that, the AFAA will work directly with that RIPA to proceed with the placement.

The difference of the new system in comparison to the previous one is that CARA will do the matching and have more supervision on the whole process. The advantage of that is AFAA will not have to locate the requested child on its own by searching at several RIPAs that are in contact. With a much larger database of children readily available for international adoption submitted by all RIPAs, CARA will be able to find and match the child to adoptive family more efficiently. It is technically the same way that China has done for many years.


Besides the new procedures, CARA also introduces a brand new website and tracking system called CARINGS. It is a comprehensive web based management information system, which serves different purposes for different parties:

  • For PAP: it provides status of the case through out the whole process; it stores profile of the PAP and preference for a child.
  • For adopted children: it stores profile of children with photograph, health status, developmental milestones, education, and legal status for international adoption.
  • For CARA: it provides access to agency data, central dossier system for intercountry adoption, issuance of NOC, and post-placement reports.
  • For AFAA: it provides status tracking for all PAPs that the AFAA represents post-placement services.
  • For RIPA: it stores profiles of all children from a specific RIPA that are available for adoption, number of adoption cases that RIPA is working on or completed, and post-placement reports.

CARA announced that all AFAAs and authorities would receive their login IDs and passwords in January of 2012 to access the CARINGS site. PAPs will be able to register later to check their status on the system. However, implementation steps are still unclear.

Click here for more information on the CARINGS.

We are glad to announce that Faith International now resumes our India Adoption Program. We will continue to process current cases under the new guidelines and accept new applications to the program. Please visit the India Adoption page to learn about requirements of the program. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact our office.

 Faith International

AFAA: Authorized Foreign Adoption Agency
CARA: Central Adoption Resources Authority
NOC: No Objection Certification
PAP: Prospective Adoptive Parent(s)
RIPA: Recognized Indian Placement Agency

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