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I have been asked quite often by families in the India program about where they are now in the process, and what the timeline should be. So, this report is aimed to provide you with an overview on the India adoption process and how everyone is doing.

From my experience, the adoption process for the India program can be divided into 10 different stages from start to finish:

  1. Family starts the adoption process by submitting application and completing adoption contract and agreements paperwork.
  2. Work on homestudy, prepare documents for I-800A, and prepare documents for adoption dossier.
  3. Homestudy complete, file I-800A with USCIS, and send adoption dossier to India.
  4. Receive official referral from India, prepare acceptance documents and documents for India State Court. Send acceptance documents and documents for India State Court to India.
  5. I-800A approved, file the I-800
  6. I-800 approved. File the Immigration Visa Application (DS-230) for the adopted child with the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. Article 5 Letter is granted by the Embassy.
  7. CARA approves the adoption. NOC is granted.
  8. India State Court approves the adoption. Court Order is issued. Guardianship is granted. Family prepares for travelling to India.
  9. Family travels to India to meet the child.
  10. Family comes home with the child. Provide post-placement reports at the 3rd, 6th, and 12th months.

There are 9 families in our India program now, and they are at different stages of the process:

  • 2 families are in stage 1
  • 3 families are in stage 2
  • 2 families are in stage 3
  • 1 family is in stage 6
  • 1 family is in stage 9

The 5 families in stage 2 and 3 are working quickly on completing their homestudy, documents for I-800A and adoption dossier. I really appreciate their effort, commitment, and corporation to get things done quickly. I am very happy to work closely with families to provide them with instructions, advices, and assistance to complete necessary forms and documents.  I encourage families to contact me for any questions they might have. I am available by both email and phone calls. I keep all the families inform on what documents that I will need and what I received from them.

Due to the working habit, things can move pretty slowly in India when it comes to processing and approving the cases. Therefore, the best way to save time for your adoption is to move fast in stages 1 through 6 where we have more control in the processing time. I have seen family can move through the first 6 stages within just 7-8 months. At stage 7 and 8, the time is really depended on the India authorities. And please be prepared for a longer wait than it is stated. A period of 4 -5 months can be expected. As soon as you receive the Court Order and your guardianship is granted, you should start to prepare for your travel to India right away. Faith International Adoptions will provide you with detail instructions on travelling to India.

Thank you for opening your heart to children from India. I look forward to learning more about you and assisting you through this adoption journey.

Hai Doan
Adoption Program Coordinator

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