Dear Faith Families,

I hope this message finds that you are doing well. We are doing our best to provide monthly updates for all of our adoption programs, as we feel this is helpful for waiting families. If there are any questions or concerns you have, please do not hesitate to contact us. If anything is unclear, we would be happy to clarify.

FAMILIES: We had one family return home from Ghana with their son in the past month. We were excited to see that the Embassy issued their son’s visa and printed it the same day following their appointment. We are hopeful that the Embassy will continue to move quickly in this regard. We currently have one family who are returning TODAY with their son 🙂 Their visa interview took place on Monday, with a visa print date of Friday.

We have three families who have received their I-600 approvals. One family is currently in-country and one will be making the second trip over the next two weeks to bring their children home. We also have one family who will be making their first trip in March. In addition, one family has recently submitted their dossier and we currently have 9 others working on their dossiers.

There are many children still in need of permanent and loving families. If you know of anyone who is interested in learning more about our Ghana program, please direct them to our agency and/or website. We are also advocating for a few Ghanaian children on, so feel free to share that website as well.

REMINDERS: ALL original paperwork, such as adoption decrees, child records from the orphanage, etc. MUST remain in Ghana. None of these original documents should be removed from the country at anytime, as it will result in delays in the adoption process. Families will receive certified copies of the adoption decree, which they are welcome to take home. In addition, any medical, court, and immigration records can also be copied.

All requests for interviews and appointments during your trip to Ghana should be reviewed and cleared by our agency prior to submitting them to the Embassy or Consulate. We must arrange for airport pick-up and drop-off, as well as for Boat to accompany your family while in-country, so these arrangements should be approved before requesting them. In addition, some appointment requests require specific wordage and/or a specific format. We are happy to work with you in an effort to request all appointments as quickly as possible, so please abide by this policy.

We have recently learned that the Regional Director in Volta will be resigning, which is why it has been difficult to communicate within this region. He will be transitioning out of the position in March and the current Assistant Director will be taking over. The new Director is eager to assist our adoptive families in the completion of their processes.

We are hopeful that 2012 will continue to be a successful year for our Ghana program. We are very eager to see many children united with their forever families. We are thankful that you have allowed us to take part in such a special journey and look forward to working with you throughout the remainder of your process.

Sincerely yours,

Faith Team

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