PROGRAM UPDATE: The Ghana program definitely continues to progress well but it is still in the “pilot program” stage.  By that we mean that we continue to experience new events in the various regions of Ghana.   It appears that while most regions follow the same procedures, each region has its own particularities.  That mainly involves timelines once a child has been referred.  As such it is difficult to provide a “general” time frame for each adoption. There are currently 12 families in our Ghana program.  Three families recently returned home with their children and all are doing extremely well. One family recently made their 1st trip to meet their daughter and looks forward to traveling to bring her home over the next few months.

A family’s wait for a referral officially begins after they have completed their dossier which includes receiving their I-171(H) Approval Notice from USCIS. In many cases there are waiting children that each family can consider. In that case a referral happens very quickly.  But what if waiting child list does not include a child that the family wishes to adopt? In that case we contact the various regional offices of the Ministry of Social Welfare and inquire if they have a child available that meets the requirements of the prospective adoptive family (PAP). In some cases a child may be readily available but in other cases it may take some time to receive a referral. We have not yet had a family have to wait for a referral so it is hard to estimate what the timeframe will be.

We are seeing that it appears that more boys are available than girls. We are told that this is due to the fact that Ghana is a matriarchal society where inheritance is passed down the matriarchal line as opposed to the patriarchal line. We advise you to prepare to wait 9-12 months or longer for a referral. It is much better to emotionally prepare yourself for a long wait and be pleasantly surprised if things move faster than expected than to anticipate a short wait and be disappointed when delays arise. In all cases where there is not a waiting child immediately available we will advocate for your referral with the Ministry of Social Welfare.

Kaden Ghana Waiting Children

WAITING CHILDREN:Please remember we still have waiting children from Ghana. Please check in with us if you would like information on any of the waiting children.

“Kaden” is a handsome 8 year old boy with a great smile and a charming personality. He is healthy and has been waiting for a family since 2009. We would love to see him find the family that is meant to be his. If you know of a family who might be a great fit for this young boy, or any other waiting children, please refer them to our agency. We’d love to speak with them about the Ghanaian adoption process and would be happy to share the files of waiting children with them.

Please feel free to view and share Kaden’s attached photos. In addition, we currently have waiting children listed on Rainbowkids under our agency name. You will need to create a username if you do not already have one.

With each and every adoption program around the world, one’s patience is tried over and over again. So much of the inter-country adoption process is out of our control. That includes the processing in the foreign country as well as the processing with the USCIS. Time frames can vary from one family to the next. So patience, while hard to maintain at times, is critically important to each of us. “The keys to patience are acceptance and faith. Accept things as they are, and look realistically at the world around you. Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen.”

Faith Team

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