October 2009, India – Initial charitable response to the victims by floods in Andhra Pradesh, India organized by Faith International Adoptions in cooperation with the Catholic Archdiocese of Nalgonda and the Government of India.

Depression in the Bay of Bengal and heavy clouds in the Arabian Sea led to intense rains in the southern states of India. Several towns and villages, particularly those in the Kurnool, Mahabybnagar, and Krishna districts, were inundated with the mighty Krishna River and its tributaries.

The floods triggered by heavy rains inundated 400 villages and affected over 1.8 million people in the five districts, rendering 400,000 people homeless and damaging thousands of houses.

The floods also destroyed standing crops, civic infrastructure, electricity and telecom facilities, and paralyzed road and rail transportation. 180 villages in Kurnool, 89 in Mhabubnagar, 100 in Guntur and 22 in Nalgonda, were the worst affected by the floodwaters. Andhra Pradesh was under the grip of flash floods. About 270,000 people were gathered in more than 100 shelters.

The flood situation remained grim as three towns and about 200 villages in the worst hit districts remained under water. About 22 tones of relief material consisting of food grain, blankets and medicines have been rushed to the affected areas.

In Karnataka, about 1.78 million people in 15 districts were affected by heavy rains causing serious damage to public and private properties that would exceed 600 million U.S. dollars. About 203,291 houses collapsed and agricultural crops in these districts were completely lost and the road network and power installation badly damaged. The vast areas of agricultural lands in the state, including sugarcane and paddy fields, were under water.

Most victims died in the houses collapsed or were swept away by the floodwaters. More than 100,000 people were homeless, and hundreds of people were waiting for refill support materials distributed by the helicopters.

At least 167 people had been killed in Karnatak, where several rivers burst their mud embankments following heavy rains and swept away houses.Faith International Adoptions
Thursday, August 26, 2010

“There is death and destruction all around us!”
Basavaraj Bommai, a senior government minister, in Bangalore.

In response to the unexpected disaster, Faith International and many other relief agencies provided relief support to the most affected people in the worse off areas.

We secured funds of $10,000 for the initial response. Our responding station was based in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, with 13 full-time staff, including a project manager, field workers, and social workers. The office is fully equipped to provide support, including two vehicles. Hyderabad is a border District with both Maboobnagar and Kurnool districts and Karnataka states. With a strong presence in Hyderabad, Faith International was able to respond to the needs of those injured.

October 6th, 2009, Faith International sent two assessment teams to the three most affected districts of Andhra Pradesh and to the ten most affected districts of Karnataka. As the result, Faith International was able to start an immediate relief response to the most affected victims.

As a result of the flooding, over 1,000 families in the Nalgonda region of Andhra Pradesh lost their homes. Faith International, in cooperation with the Catholic Archdiocese of Nalgonda and the Government of India, has initiated a project to build 1,000 replacement homes for these families. The project commenced in April of 2010 and is ongoing.

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