Dear families,

I hope this message finds that you are all happy and healthy! We’ve had quite a bit of crazy weather in western Washington, so we are hoping for some sunshine soon.  Things are continuing to go well in China despite the continuous slow movement.

Waiting Family Program
The CCCWA has currently matched families with log-in dates through August 15th, 2006.  This means families who received referrals in this group waited about 64-65 months from submitting their dossier to receiving a referral. The matching trends from the last few months are listed below:

  • August 2011: 2 days
  • September 2011: 14 days
  • October 2011: 5 days
  • November 2011: 5 days
  • December 2011: 3 days
  • January 2012: 5 days

We received one referral for a waiting family whose dossier was logged-in on 08/08/2006. They were matched with a beautiful baby girl who is currently 10 months old. We look forward to receiving their travel approval within the next few weeks and can’t wait to finally see them on their way!

Waiting Child Program
We are continuously advocating for special needs children on All of the children listed by our agency are available for immediate matching. The CCCWA recently released an announcement which prohibits agencies from posting photographs of children on the Shared List. While this has placed somewhat of a hindrance on our advocacy, we are continuing to do our best to match waiting children with their forever families!

If you wish to explore the gender, age range, and any special needs that you might be open to, you may be interested in reviewing our China Special Needs Questionnaire.  There are nearly 2,500 children who are waiting to be matched at this time and we would be happy to chat with any families who may be considering whether the special needs route might be a good fit for their family. Please feel free to visit our website to learn more about the various special needs.

We’ve had several families return home with their children over the past few months, one of which just returned last week. We are currently waiting to receive 4 Travel Approvals and 1 Letter of Confirmation (LOC) for other families. We are hopeful the CCCWA will clear their desks before Chinese New Year and get these out as soon as possible.

Other News
Chinese New Year is Monday, January 23, 2012. Many communities offer activities and celebrations in honor of this date – please feel free to check throughout your local community. We’d love to hear about your experiences – share your photos and stories with us at our Facebook page!

Happy Chinese New Year

A Faith family picnic is currently in the works for Summer 2012 – please keep your eye out for a save-the-date, which we hope to send out shortly!! If you are interested, please sign up to receive notification email from us about the picnic.

We’d like to remind families to keep an eye on their I-171H and I-797C approvals and the expiration dates. Approvals are typically valid for 18 months, while fingerprints are valid for 15 or 18 months, depending on your approval. While we’re always more than happy to provide a courtesy reminder, it is the personal responsibility of each family to ensure that their approvals remain valid. If you have a current I-171 or I-797C, please feel free to check with us to see if we have a copy on file. If you have recently received an updated approval, please e-mail or fax a copy to our office. We’re happy to send reminders, but must have a copy of the approval in order to do so. Thank you for your understanding.

On a fun note, please feel free to find us on Facebook if you have not done so already. You can do so simply by searching ‘Faith International Adoptions.’ We always love to keep in touch with our Faith families!

Take Care!

Faith Team

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