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Faith staff recently traveled to Ghana and were able to visit with many of the orphanages and with the Regional Directors of the Department of Social Welfare. For several years now, we have enjoyed a cooperative working relationship with the Department of Social Welfare. The children were joyful and well cared for throughout the various orphanages.

Orphanage in Ghana

Overall, the visits with children in the orphanages were excellent. Food supplies, while limited, seemed to be okay, but water is a continuous problem. We look forward to installing water purification systems in several of the orphanages, but in the meantime we need to focus on getting large containers of purified water into the orphanages. We also noticed that there are many older children that have passed the age of being adopted. They were all very polite and going to school. Many have dreams of going onto college and pursuing admirable careers.

kitchen at orphanage in Ghana

As a result of these findings, we will be initiating three charitable projects in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare.

  1. The first project will be supplying medical insurance cards for the children in the orphanages. For $25 we can purchase medical insurance cards for a child in the orphanage, which will allow the child to be brought to a hospital or medical clinic for treatment. Without the insurance card, the orphanages do not have the money to pay for the medical evaluation and treatment. As a result, the children go without medical treatment and suffer unnecessarily.
  2. The second project will be the installation of ultra violet water purification systems in the orphanages we work with. We have previously installed these systems throughout orphanages in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal and Panama. It is amazing how important clean water is in keeping children healthy. The leading killer of children is water-borne bacteria. The children in the orphanages in Ghana tremendously need clean water, and we look forward to providing them with this necessity.
  3. The third project will be the establishment of a sponsorship program for the children that have passed the age of being adopted. These funds will assist the teenage children with clothing and school supplies.

Classroom in Ghana

We encourage you to participate in these projects or to help us by passing this information along. Your contributions will help improve and change many children’s lives, and your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us at for more details on the charitable projects for Ghana or if you wish to help.

Faith Team

* Picture of children in this article is  for illustration and not for adoption purpose.

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