boot-ghanian-boyBoots is a Ghanaian boy with a touching story of his early life. He is a darling little boy.
We call him Boots because the first time we saw him, he was being given a bath outside by the staff and he was wearing these little black boots.Back to a day in 2005 when a farmer was out working in his fields, he heard the cry of a child in the bush. He assumed it was a child with his mother collecting fire wood so he did not pay too much attention to them. On the following day he once again heard the cry of the child but it was not as loud as the day before, he still assumed the child was in the bush with his mother so he continued on with his work.

Then on the third day when he was working in the fields, he again heard the cry of the child but it was very faint. Now he was alarmed and went to find the source of the faint cries. He was shocked to find a baby wrapped in a blanket and stuck in torn bushes.
The farmer tried to get the child free from the torn bushes and realized that it was only a new-born infant, so small and frail. The child was quickly brought to the local police for a report. He was then taken to a hospital where he was stabilized and then sent to an orphanage to be taken care of.

The local authorities have tried to investigate and find the birth parents of Boots, but all efforts were unsuccessful. Since then, he has been living and growing healthily under the care of all the staff at the orphanage.

Boots is a true survivor. The orphanage director and staff believe that he will make a great impact on humanity in this life. Boots is an amazing little guy. He could have easily died in the bush but survived. Perhaps the torn bush saved him by keeping animals away from him.

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