Source: The Times of India. February 1, 2018

MUMBAI: In special circumstances, foreign or NRI adoptive parents can be directed to submit a deposit and make investments in the name of the adopted child, the Bombay high court has ruled in an important order. Justice Suresh Gupte said ordinarily the court would not […]

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It is almost 3 months since India started accepting new applications on 1/20/2012. We have finally had some movements in the new process with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), and I want to provide an update on our program.

 With the introduction of CARINGS, all new families must be registered in this […]

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It’s January of 2012, and we did not receive any new notices from CARA in regards to a potential delay. Thus, we believe that the office is now ready to accept new applications from foreign countries for international adoptions. Faith International and other American agencies are very excited to resume our India program and start […]

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Dear India families,

I hope each of you are doing well and gearing up for the holidays. As the year 2011 is close to end, I would like to share with you some of my thoughts on the next things that will be happening for India adoptions in 2012.

I have received no word […]

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India Adoption Update

On July 20, 2011 By

I have been asked quite often by families in the India program about where they are now in the process, and what the timeline should be. So, this report is aimed to provide you with an overview on the India adoption process and how everyone is doing.

From my experience, the adoption […]

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October 2009, India – Initial charitable response to the victims by floods in Andhra Pradesh, India organized by Faith International Adoptions in cooperation with the Catholic Archdiocese of Nalgonda and the Government of India.

Depression in the Bay of Bengal and heavy clouds in the Arabian Sea led to intense rains in the southern states […]

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