Grievance Procedures


Complaint Resolution Procedure (Revised)


  1.  Faith International Adoptions (FIA) anticipates a smooth working relationship with Adoption Services Consumers. Consumers may be an adoptive parent, prospective adoptive parent, adoptee or birth parent. FIA welcomes feedback and works to resolve any differences that may occur. FIA will take no action to discourage a complaint or to retaliate against any consumer making a complaint, expressing a grievance, providing information in writing or interviews to an accrediting entity, questioning the conduct of, or expressing an opinion about the performance of FIA and its services, activities, or staff.
  2. Any consumer who has received services from or had contact with FIA may lodge a complaint. Complaints may be filed when the consumer believes that they have been subject to practices of abuse, neglect or exploitation, or are dissatisfied with the decisions made and/or services provided in their adoption process.
  3. Any complain must:
    • be in writing,
    • state with specificity the date and nature of the complaint, including names of persons involved, and
    • be signed and dated
  4. In the rare event that the Consumer has filed a complaint regarding their adoption process,
    FIA will make every effort to work with the Consumer toward a mutually beneficial solution. The Consumer should first discuss the complaint with their assigned case manager. In the instance that a case manager is unable to resolve the complaint or if the Consumer wishes to lodge a grievance or complaint against the case manager, the Assistant Director should be contacted.
  5. If the Consumer is unable to resolve the complaint or grievance through their case manager or the Assistant Director, they may submit their complaint to the Executive Director. The written complaint should be submitted to the Executive Director (ED) through the U.S. mail addressed to the main office of FIA at 1105 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98402. The circumstances of the complaint or grievance should be specific and outlined in chronological order. Received emails that state with specificity the date and nature of the complaint, including the names of persons involved, shall be considered as meeting the requirements of being in writing, signed, and dated. An email, however, is not considered a sufficient request for the Washington State Grievance Review, described below.
  6. In response, the ED shall follow the steps below.
    • The ED may, at his sole discretion, arrange an in-person or telephonic interview with the consumer, and take any other steps to investigate the complaint.
    • The ED will respond within 30 days of receipt of the written complaint. However, when a complaint involves time-sensitive matters, FIA may provide expedited review within 10 days of the complaint.
    • The ED shall respond to the complaint in writing. The response will contain a summary of facts and issues and specific findings and conclusions with regard to the issues.
    • If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the consumer may, within ten working days of receipt of FIA’s written response, request an appeal. The request for appeal must be in writing, submitted to FIA’s Board of Directors through the U.S. mail and addressed to the main office of FIA at 1105 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98402.
    • In cases of appeal, an email is not considered sufficient. The request for appeal must clearly and succinctly state the consumer’s objections to FIA’s decision or conclusions.
    • The Board of Directors’ Grievance Committee, which does not include the ED or Assistant Director, will review and consider the facts and circumstances of the complaint and will issue a written decision with a proposed solution within 30 business days of receipt of consumer’s written notice of appeal. All decisions made by the Board of Directors are considered final.
  7. FIA maintains a written record of each complaint received pursuant to the Standards on Accreditation, 96.41 (b) and the Department of State’s Technical Guidance and the steps taken to investigate and respond to it and makes this record available to the accrediting entity or the Secretary upon request.
  8. FIA provides to the accrediting entity and the Secretary, on a semi-annual basis, a summary of all complaints received pursuant to 96.41 (b) of the Standards on Accreditation during the preceding six months (including the number of complaints received and how each complaint was resolved) and an assessment of any discernible patterns in complaints received against the agency or person pursuant to 96.41 (b), along with information about what systematic changes, if any, were made or are planned by the agency or person in response to such patterns.
  9. FIA provides any information about the complaints received pursuant to section 96.41 (b) as may be requested by the accrediting entity or the Secretary.
  10. FIA maintains a quality improvement program through which it makes systematic efforts to improve its adoption services.
  11. Unresolved complaints may be filed by any Prospective Adoptive Parent, adoptive parent or adoptee with the State of Washington Division of Licensing Resources, about any services or activities of the agency or person that the complainant believes raises an issue of compliance with Adoption Agency Laws of the State of Washington (RCW 26.33). Complaints should be filed with the Division of Licensing Resources at 1949 South State Street, Tacoma, WA 98405, (253) 983-6441.
  12. If the complaint concerns or raises an issue of compliance with The Hague Convention or the U.S. implementing statutes and regulations, any consumer dissatisfied with FIA’s resolution may file with The Hague Complaint Registry. Contact information and procedures for the internet based Hague Complaint Registry or